Limnor Codeless Programming System 3.3: create software applications without using computer languages

Limnor Codeless Programming System 3.3

It is the first generic-purpose codeless visual programming system in the world. It can be used to create computer software without using computer languages. It can be used to created most applications, Interactive multimedia kiosks, sales presentations, database applications with interacticve query and search, business management systems, internet payphone kiosks, CD-ROM titles, etc. Non-technically oriented users can do programming.

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Netxpression Webinar Builder 3.7.5: Build Your Own Web Presentations in just minutes with NetXpression.

Netxpression Webinar Builder 3.7.5

presentations in just a few minutes with NetXpression . With NX you can create presentations for use directly over the Internet, on CD’s, or on any other file system. Your finished presentation can be viewed by anyone with a standard web browser, so no special software is required. NX makes it simple for anyone to build stunning, informative presentations in just a few minutes. Create a presentation with high impact by integrating your audio, video

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BeamYourScreen 2.0

BeamYourScreen is a simple, fast, easy-to-use software program for remote desktop sharing, which allows users to show their computer screens online. You can give sales presentations and product demos, provide remote support, meet and collaborate online. BeamYourScreen is incredibly fast, unbelievably easy, and completely secure. Boost your productivity, save time and money. Intelligent Session Login technology can be integrated on any website.

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3D Graph Generator 2.6.0: Fly-through 3D graph software for exciting presentations, marketing, sales & fun

3D Graph Generator 2.6.0

Fly-through 3D graph software for exciting presentations, marketing, sales, analysis and fun! Capture the attention of your audience with spectacular 3D technology. Instead of showing your audience another boring line graph, capture their interest with something wildly different. They will be more likely to talk about and remember your presentation that had something that stood out from the crowd.

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XL Screen Streamer XL Screen Streamer allows others to view your desktop using a web browser.

XL Screen Streamer

sales or marketing presentations, web based training events, helpdesk remote support, or help Mom set up an email account. Why use XL Screen Streamer? With XL Screen Streamer you can instantly create desktop streaming sessions and allow others to view what you see on your desktop in real time. It is the perfect tool for instant sales presentations, product demos, live training, or to help friends and family remotely. Works with every web browser

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Freepath Freepath is presentation software that lets you mix all of your content.


presentation. In a sales or marketing environment, an engaging presentation is just the start. The goal is to have your audience identify and remember your product. Use Freepath to help your team stay on message as they dazzle their audience and beat the competition. Church & Worship Affordable, powerful and easy to use are key requirements when considering worship presentation software. Don`t let a tool get in the way of your message. Keep your

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GoldMail Rich Media Messaging 3.10.4: Narrate and broadcast PowerPoint slides, share rich-media via email or online

GoldMail Rich Media Messaging 3.10.4

Your Voice Matters! Use GoldMail to Create, Record and Share personal rich-media messages. Narrate PowerPoint presentations or simply voice-over images to create engaging messages in minutes. Broadcast via email, email marketing (Constant Contact), or online to Facebook and Twitter. GoldMail messaging helps brand your business whether it is used for sales, marketing, internal communications or just for fun.

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conaito PPT2Flash Sharing KIT 1.0: Build your own PowerPoint to Flash converting community

conaito PPT2Flash Sharing KIT 1.0

presentation into the application 3) The PPT2Flash Sharing KIT convert the presentation to Flash and shows a preview to user 4) PPT2Flash Sharing KIT uploads the Flash presentation to your website using your upload settings Main Benefits If you want to add presentation sharing to your website, or you have a presentation service, or you want to build a presentation sharing community then PPT2Flash Sharing KIT offers the following advantages: You need

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ASC InventGST Reloaded 1.0: The software is designed specially for general traders & commercial importers

ASC InventGST Reloaded 1.0

Sales Tax Invoice, Sales Tax Input Register, Sales Tax Input Summary (Item wise), Sales Tax Input Summary (Party wise), Sales Tax Output Register, Sales Tax Output Summary (Item wise), Sales Tax Output Summary (Party wise), Sales Tax Payment / Refund Register, F.E.D. Payment / Refund Register, Sales Tax Challan Calculation, Yearly Sales Tax Summary, Items List, Opening Stock Report, Purchase Report, Purchase Return Report, Sales Report, Sales Return

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Ashampoo Presentations 2008 1.00: Your competent partner for presentations

Ashampoo Presentations 2008 1.00

Presentations 2008 is the brand new presentation graphics program of Ashampoo. Ashampoo Presentations 2008 lets you create any kind of presentation, from simple school projects to complex business presentations. Show your presentations as slide shows, export them as pictures, or pass them on as PowerPoint® files. You can add all kinds of AutoShapes and format them with a full repertoire of graphical variations. Not only that: you can also animate

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